Carbon Bands

  • Ails al'on

    duo on drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and electronics.
  • Autumn in Halifax

    autumn in halifax is the quiet guitar and voice of new york native david merulla. interspersed with delicate instrumentals that also include keyboards and singing saw he tells cinematic stories of birds, avalanches, water, hearts and silence with a haunting...
  • Bruise Halo

    darker, drone, electronic, beats, guitar, vox, samples project of carbon label head, joe tunis, aka joe+n, member of tumul, crush the junta, tuurd, shed (US), entente cordiale, transcendental manship highway and more. former member of pengo.
  • CarbonCrates

    CarbonCreates is the woodworking division of Carbon Records. Specializing LP creates, cubes, shelving units, stands, etc.
  • CarbonGear

    The internal Carbon manufacturing and design juggernaut.
  • Crush the Junta

    Crush the Junta is a trio featuring Dennis Mariano of Thunderbody, Chris Reeg of Ian Downey is Famous, The Years, Entente Cordiale, and Blood and Bone Orchestra and Joe Tunis of Tuurd, Joe+N, Entente Cordiale, SQ, Pengo, and formerly...
  • Deciduous vs Conifer (aka AC vs DC)

    (strictly) acoustic trio featuring guitars, bass, drums, other percussion, bowls, melodica and various other implements, creating a non-shamanistic/spiritual approach to earthly music. it is was it is.when the trio uses electricity, they are known as AC vs DC
  • Dr Hamburger

    Dj, VJ (Visualist), Promoter, Experimental Sound Designer, Sonic & Visual Healer.
  • Entente Cordiale

    n 1: an informal alliance between countries [syn: entente] n2: a friendly understanding between political powers [syn: entente]n3. an agreement between two or more governments or powers for cooperative action or policy: "the economic entente between the Soviet Union and...
  • Finkbeiner

    Finkbeiner is a man, and was a band. guitar guitar guitar.
  • Flywheel

    2 girls, 1 guy. catchy indie pop songs, ala Unrest, Versus, etc.
  • Hilkka

    hilkka was a three-piece (indie) rock band formed in 1993 when alex, nuuj and joe moved in together. early influences included the melvins, unwound, big black and slug. over the years, the three guys "learned" to actually play their instruments and...
  • Hinkley

    Since the early 2000's, the band Hinkley has been floating somewhere above the urban industrial wasteland that is Rochester, NY, sending down its own brand of cracked country music. Blending its influences of Crazy Horse and The Band...
  • Joe+N

    joe+n plays guitar improvisations, sometimes incorporating found-sound, tape manipulations, various feedback sources, and more, taking everyday background sounds and re-presenting them as pure sound, etc. joe+n has also played numerous day-tours, a concept he came up with, for...
  • Jungle Heart

    Previous known as SHED, dirgy tape infested/infected sounds made in a small shack in the middle of nowhere. this is the US based duo, not the european DJ guy.
  • Muler

    5 guys who still play indie rock
  • Pengo

    Legendary, highly volatile, psych-primitive unit from the autumnal climate of upstate New York. Fondling the same clammy flesh as Sunburned Hand of The Man and No Neck Blues Band, this band of John Schoen, Jason Finkbeiner, Nuuj and Joe Tunis m...
  • Rash

    Rash is R Scott Oliver and Patrick Doyle being loud and trippy on guitars.Artists We Also Like: The Bad Kids, Torus, Tuurd, Tumul,Influences: My Bloody Valentine, Flying Saucer Attack, Spacemen 3, Sunn O))) , Earth, OM, Tuurd,
  • SQ

    formed in 1995, originally as improv music for an art installation sq continued going from improv to angular structures and back to improv with an emphasis on drone, texture and rhythm. currently, sq is geographically challenged, with marc living in NC...
  • Stone Baby

    Experimental outfit of Cory E. Card and Jennifer Marquart; hailing from Rochester, NY
  • Sulk

    Sulk are loud.
  • Transcendental Manship Highway

    a heavy and awesomely black psych meeting of the upstateNY/thruway scene, including Eric and Ray of Century Plants, Cory from Stone Baby and Joe from Carbon/Tumul/Tuurd/etc. heavy/loud drone guitar with thunderous tribesman-beats and ghostly sweeps,...
  • Tumul

    Tumul is Camburger Fahresh (aka Dr. Hamburger) and Joe Tunis (aka Joe+N, etc), long lost twins. Tumul is a psycho-electronica-caca-techno-phonia that generate
  • Tuurd

    Tuurd rises from the ashes of Hilkka. featuring Nuuj and Joe, on bass and drums respectively. its a loud loud stink. a large intestine full of metal/stoner/doom/spazz/noise. In the tradition of Ruins, godheadsilo, Halo, Lightning Bolt,...