File Under WTF???

File Under WTF??? LP
Carbon Records

Pengo enters its second decade of existence by issuing, on Carbon Records, a new dispatch on vinyl called File Under WTF??? Lurking in the deep underground and paying no allegiance to any one genre or scene, Pengo lives and creates in its own strange time-space universe.

There is a deep beauty in the strange tones produced by Pengo. But there is also an underlying menace pulsating from the soul of the sound. Much like the Stylites, who settled the domestic disputes of ancient Christendom from atop their pillars and took cosmic instructions to behave like the birds and who lived in trees and built little nests for themselves in the branches; or the other hermits who walled themselves up in hermitages, suspended themselves in cages, and those who even sewed themselves up in animal skins so they would be baked alive in the sweltering Syrian heat like a sort of Byzantine boil-in-the-bag monk: Pengo is a band of hermits, explorers, and fools, yelling from the top of the mountain in a language only they understand.

These proclamations may cause the face on the other side of the mirror to laugh, cry, or burst into flames. Strap on your divining-rod dunce cap and/or headphones if you think you're adventurous enough to experience Pengo’s File Under WTF??? And understand that the hanged man is smiling for a reason.