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[ART PIECE] Joe Tunis' (aka Joe+N) sculpture provides a palate-cleansing meditation to soothe the eyes after their initial jolt. Hung on the wall like a painted canvas, his piece features a large, square sheet of new, smooth plywood with a much longer and weather-beaten 2"x4" extending beyond the top and bottom of the plywood behind it, attached by a smaller block of painted wood. Moving around the sculpture reveals alternate perceptions of depth; a head-on look focuses the viewer more on textures than dimensionality. There's much to dwell on here: the tension between purchased and salvaged materials that could be an oblique criticism of consumerism, and the meditative effects of letting a person's eyes get lost in the intricate patterns of wood grain. In true minimalist fashion, Tunis has inspired a lot of thought and emotion with very little material.

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