oil leaks and cicadas


oil leaks and cicadas

12" lathe cut

Carbon Records CR63

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from the liner notes... "82 billion photographs are taken every year on earth. School portraits, remarkable sunsets, birthday parties, catastrophic weather phenomena, and your girlfriend in her underwear all evoke a desire to take a picture. The most popular subjects for photographs are typically vacations. People travel on their vacations and see new things and snap as many photos as they can. Regular people that is.

This recording is not the result of regular people taking a vacation.

It is an example of people who take sounds not pictures. They experience new things and resist the natural urge to let vision dominate the sensory landscape, and instead choose to listen to the new things. These new things are recorded, reproduced, concocted, orchestrated - choose your own word here - into music for you. "

[unlimited CDR version of out of print 12" lathe cut]