receipts and belt loops


receipts and belt loops


Carbon Records CR77

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i put on a coat i haven‘t worn in a while. and in a pocket i guess i haven‘t used in a longer while, i discover a receipt (for food, i believe). almost from 10 years ago to the date. it got me thinking about how quickly time passes, and how fragments can pull us back, mentally, to a previous time, place (physical and mental). a smell, a sound, a feeling. pretty neat stuff. the backdrop of this recording consists of an uneditted walk in the neighborhood right around sunset. at the beginning, you‘ll hear cicadas singing out loud. as the recording goes on, the sound slowly (almost imperceivably) transforms into crickets singing. somewhat showing the transformation of time without perception. there are overdubbed guitar pieces on occasion, showcasing nothing in particular (well, maybe something having to do with events that stand out, etc).