3" CDR

Carbon Records CR128

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this is the deconstructed-product of a sculpture/object piece i created for an art exhibit at A|V in Rochester (www.avspace.org). each release is a 3" CDR enclosed in a hand-made box, measuring 6.5" x 6.5" x 2", along with a lid. the inside bottom is lined with dried reeds gathered at an abandoned rail-line. the material on the CD is constructed and inspired by the sounds of the reeds, used/existing in various ways. the art piece was also entitled "uprooted" and was about various forms of uprooting items/resources/people/ etc, so it made sense to _uproot_ the boxes from the main piece and spread them around. this release is ULTRA-LIMITED. there are 10 boxes made of Oak and 5 made of Paduak and Oak.