rolling like-items along a conference room table


rolling like-items along a conference room table


Carbon Records CR93

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This recording was created for an installation/photo exhibit by Scott David Laird, entitled Balls and PIns, which was shown during Jan/Feb 2004 at the All-Purpose Room in Rochester NY. The recording is over 1hr long and consists of various objects used in the art show as sound sources (along with some other like-items). A slight departure from the usual guitar and field-recording meanderings of Joe+N. this piece still involves some field recordings, but also includes some digital processing of the source object-sounds to create a backdrop for the individual rolling-events. From the show?s press release: "BALLS AND PINS is a combination of photographs and installations that evoke and tease reactions through a unique portrayal of color. The photographs feature balls of color set against various white backgrounds that resemble snowdrifts. Other photos are of different sized crystal bowls that contain various colorful objects. The bowls and images work together to pique the viewer?s desire for a closer look. This desire is extended through the installations that place the balls and pins in somewhat voyeuristic environments. Each piece is singular in nature, but together they create a larger narrative concerning desire, sexuality, and consumerism." Packaged in a clear "clam-shell" case with a colored-bead bolted thru the case.