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selector:AM or...


Carbon Records CR52

"during one of my thrift-store stops, while searching for reel-to-reel tapes and 8-track cassettes to use during the Joe+N day-tour back in the spring, i came across a Don Rickles 8-track cassette. i had to buy it. Finkbeiner is a huge fan. weeks later, i finally got around to dumping it to a format which was a little more current. i borrowed an 8-track deck from cara‘s mom. but shortly after inserting the tape, something went "wrong." i pressed the track-select button a couples times, thinking that would do the trick. i then realized the tape had stapped and was being unwound inside the i yanked it out and for some reason, switched the channel selector to AM. browsed the airwaves a little, and noticed that the device had a mind of it‘s own. interjecting harsh noise in the middle of talk-show babble. i figured i‘d document the setup visually, so i took some photos. the flash on the camera also affected the signal being played. almost like a phaser or flanger effect. after a couple shots, i decided to let it go. this is a document of that late night experiment."

[hand-packaged in slip-cases with full-color artwork. edition of 75]